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How a japamala born

I created my first japamala to celebrate my love for Yoga and my gratitude to my teachers. I searched for stones of the most intense shades and I twisted silk threads with each of the one hundred and eight beads that I had chosen, accompanying the dance of my hands with the recitation of a mantra. As with the first japamala, and for all those that followed, each japamala is a unique piece.

In order to cultivate and share my passion with others, I created Samsara, a center where you can practice Hatha Yoga and where I can give life to my creations.  I chose this name because it represents the cycle of rebirth, the natural world, substance and matter, the wheel of life.  And it is in fact the symbol of the wheel which I added as a guru bead. To customize my japamalas, the heaviest element down to the smallest parts are all in precious metals made by skillful goldsmith, Simone Venice. My desire is that each one be a companion for spiritual life, but also a way to celebrate beauty, a gift, a joy.

Monica De Lucia