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Bulls Eye

The Bulls Eye is an uncommon variety of quartz on the market

It comes from South Africa where it is found in very high quantites. Its color of origin is dark, blood red. After cleaning and polishing it takes a rather nice mahogany color with chatoyancy shades, the features that characterize all the families of crystals similar to this (Eye of the Tiger, Cat, Hawk) .

Since ancient times, it is therefore seen as a powerful amulet against demons and witchcraft. It is a talisman that protects from enemies and gives the necessary strength to face lifeʼs difficulties. It gives strength and energy, charge and courage. It helps visual ability, making the eye stronger. In crystal healing it is said to act on the hepatic system, purifying and helping the body in its work. It is a stone of grounding that helps in particular to live every day life without experiencing alienation and exertion.

Chakra: The Muladhara (Root) Capricorn
Bija Mantra: Lam
Element: Earth 

Occhio di Bue

Japamala in Occhio di Bue con minuteria in argento

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