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Pāhoehoe_Lava_flow_webLava is a mass of incandescent magma that, from the bowels of the Earth, flows through craters and fractures in the lithosphere. Its disturbing appearance has made it, since ancient times, a manifestation of the wrath of the gods. In ancient times it was thought that the lava was blood shed by the Earth and that it contained within it the four primordial elements: Fire and Earth, which created it, the Air and Water which cooled and solidified it. Lava represents all the power hidden in the bowels of the earth that manifests itself on the surface. The inhabitants of the Hawaiian islands built their temples (heiau) with lava rock

Even today, Hawaiians wrap a piece of lava stone in tea leaves and bury it to allow the “return home” in order to seek good health for themselves and family members. According to Hawaiian legends, the gods always expect something in return for the good that they offer to man. If they receive something, the volcanic rock is transformed into a powerful amulet protector; but if they donʼt, it can backfire.




Chakra: The Muladhara (Root)
Bija Mantra : Lam
Element: Earth 

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