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Red Jasper

Il castello di Bardi foto di Angelo Aneli CC A-SARed Jasper is a stone with a large energy charge. It is a variety of chalcedony which, in turn, is an opaque variety and slightly translucent quartz . It is a rock with a microcrystalline structure, perhaps worth mentioning that its polyhedral crystals are not distinguishable to the naked eye. Its deep red color, smooth and slightly brownish, is due to the presence of finely dispersed hematite. Since ancient times, many civilizations have considered the red jasper stone sacred. The Greeks wore it, hanging at heart height, a talisman carved in the stone, with a kite slaying a snake, to which they attributed the power to awaken the feeling of love. Even in the Jewish culture it is an important crystal because it is one of the twelve sacred stones in the breastplate of Aaron, the High Priest of Jerusalem. Red Jasper is recommended to overcome depression or apathy, and in the case of intestinal disorders. It relieves liver disorders. It helps shy and insecure people to overcome fear, instilling the courage they need. It instills passion and value. Due to its porosity it easily absorbs energy, acting as an excellent regenerator of vibrations.
Chakra: The Muladhara (Root)
Zodiac signs: Aries, Taurus Bija
Mantra : Lam
Element: Earth

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