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The stones of the month


Pink and green, delicate spring colors characterize the month of May, with its flower gardens and its perfumes. Shades that evoke sweet feelings, such as affection, devotion and tenderness. 

Not surprisingly, the zodiac sign of Taurus (those born in the period April 21-May 21), is dominated by Venus, which takes its name from the Roman goddess of love and feelings. The colors of this sign are green and pink, which is connected to the earth element, fertile and lush at this time of year.

It is said that people born under the sign of the bull have a strong taste for beautiful things, put great care and dedication into doing things, and are equipped with concreteness, goodness and discipline.

Feet firmly planted on the ground, in short, a big heart and inspired. 

It is the heart chakra, Anahata (the fourth chakra), that is connected to the zodiac sign of Taurus, the planet Venus and green and pink colors.

If you feel that this is “your month”, whether you are of the astrological sign of the bull, or you simply want a japamala linked to the heart chakra, these are some of the stones that they do for you: 


Japamala in tormalina con minuteria in argento

Japamala in tormalina con minuteria in argento



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